Monday, January 2, 2012

Tenancingo , 6 weeks flying in the center of Mexico

It has been an incredible 6 weeks flying out of the casa. The first two weeks, I had the company of Andy and 5 Polish pilots. We flew La Malinche for the first week in fairly strong conditions but limited XC potential. then things got better and Andy did some record breaking flights to Ixtapan and back and other triangles.

But what makes Tenancingo great is its central location. We did side trips to Ixtapan, to Iguala and three days in Valle De Bravo, all within a two hour drive or bus ride.

Later I had a chance also to fly a new site from Tasco from where one pilot flew back to Ixtapan.
Now with only two days left I hope to fly Malinalco again as I found it inredibly beautiful. I will have more detailed writeups on . Hope to see you here one day for some great flights.

The cumulus clouds really started building nicely by mid December and seems things are just getting better and better as far as the paragliding and longer higher flights. January and February look stellar !

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 27th

So all polish pilots have arrived and today we decided to go and have a look at the town as it was market day. we cruised through the stands and enjoyed all the colours and fresh fruits, vegetables and of course we stopped at my favourite place to have Obisbo!
The weather was a bit overcast but burning up at about 1:30. So we met up with Daniel and Daniel. By now it was just after 2:00pm we left to show the pilots the Launch at La Malinche and the possible landing fields.

By now we were a bit late and the system started to shut down, most of the 6 pilots got ready anyway just to get into the flying mexico rhythm. There was not much happening and most landed down below in St Antonio. One of the pilots , Witek, got up 800m above launch but choose to fly south and lost right away as there was not much left. At least they had a flight and are now ready for tomorrow.

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21

Arrived in Tenancingo on November 20th. It is nice to be home in my place. After going though the house to familiarize myself again with everything, Daniel Miller showed up at the door. I wasn't quite ready to go flying but what the heck, the weather was calling for a flight. After scrambling to get ready and a catch up session, we took off to La Malinche. Once we arrived at launch I was pleasantly surprised with all the changes. Boy Daniel Pedraza has done a great job in creating a world competition launch site. And he is still working on it. He even build a Cabaña for BBQ's and gatherings.
So needless to say, it was great conditions not to waste time to get into the air. Daniel launched first and I was about 10 minutes behind. Ok... just to let you know, if this blog sound funny at any time, I am into the tequila...
anyway, we are cruising along the house thermals up and the ridge. Daniel is up then me, back and forth we go. you need about 300m above launch to cross over to Tenancingo. well finally I caught a thermal that takes me to about 600m above launch. I look where Daniel is and he was scraping the bottom. I decided not to wait and go. once I had crossed over I got up and down 200m lift and sink. but I stayed up. So I decided to bump around Tenancigo and do a little sight seeing tour. Since I had only some Breakfast, my tummy started to feel a little funny. And no it wasn't the tequila the night before. so I decided to land. But I have to tell you, the landing field was not the same that we advertise. They have bulldozed the original field and now they have a market on it plus the was a circus in town at the same spot. so I landed in the next closest soccer filed. Well, that is about it for today... I had a great flight! Common Down!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Up dates for the Casa

Hello everyone,

Over the summer we have made some improvements at the house to better serve our guests.

First: we pulled all the 70's carpet out on the top floor.... ohh boy was that needed!!!
Second: we tiled the whole upper floor for nicer appearance and easier cleaning.
Third: We upgraded the water system with a huge water tank in the ground to make sure adequate water availability.

Also here is some news about the the competition circuit of Mexico!

La MALINCHE WILL be part of the Mexico PG circuit. Next year it is set for the national circuit, For our hard core PG friends here is the 2009 schedule

Mexican Competition Circuit for the Mexican Federation of Paragliding and Delta wing

31 Oct, 1, 2 November - Tuxpan (Veracruz state)
November 14, 15 and 16 - Oaxaca (Oaxaca state)
November 27, 28 and 29 Puebla (Puebla State )
December 5 and 6th - La Malinche "Tenancingo" (State of Mexico) (local competition, next year part of national circuit)

So everyone, we still have some beds avalible... come on out and have fun!

Casa del Piloto

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey Brad,
I can’t thank you enough for the awesome experience I had at Tenancingo! This note is way overdue, but after slogging through massive depression from getting back home and having to work again, I’m back to normal life :o)
First of all, your hospitality and Casa de Piloto were outstanding! The house was quite a nice retreat amongst the hustle and bustle of the activities. New Years eve was a blast with all of the folks from around the world wanting to take a swing at the George Bush piñata.
The flying…The flying was the most challenging and exhilarating of my flying career! Super air every day. Sometimes intimidating, but the forecast is always the same (as Normando say’s) – sunny :o) Landing in the farm fields and having kids trying to figure how to talk to me was a lot of fun…
I’d love to do it all again next year! I hope to really improve this summer season and then come back to really experience some XC with the “big boys”…
Thanks again to you, Christine and Melanie to share in the experience! It was fantastic!

Please feel free to post the comments on the site. I’d be flattered.
If you’ll have us back for next year, I’ll make sure it happens again. I’ll be sure to say hi to everyone. I love to do it again!

See you at cloudbase…

Robert Stockmann
Hi Brad et al.

Just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic time in Tenancingo! Both Daniel Miller and Daniel Pedraza were awesome...everyday they came by the house to pick me (and a couple of WA pilots) up for a ride to launch, and generally showed me a good time around the town as well. Daniel P. is doing an excellent job with the launch and every day it was little bit nicer with an extra rock etc taken out. I'm gonna send them both WCSC T-shirts since I didn't have space for them during my trip.

The flying is very nice as well...lots of opportunities for OR flying with all the different valleys etc converging in that area, and lots of roads and cheap taxis to get back to town.

The house was also excellent...rooms were neat and clean, lots of space and amenities like the wi-fi and laundry facilities. Very nice! And Manolo was really nice too...after I left for Valle he'd call every few days to see how I was doing. We tried several times to get together when he was in Valle for his horse-vet work but it never happened due to me flying in the comp during the days. We'll have to catch up next time I am in Mexico!

You guys have an awesome thing going for you...I really liked that Tenancingo is still undeveloped and more "adventure-flying" vs. Valle. I hope you get more pilots showing up and using your house, I know I will in the future!

Very happy customer of Casa Del Piloto

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nicole's Directions from Tenancingo to Valle

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another travel day!

Getting from Tenancingo to Valle de Bravo was very easy. 5 minute walk from Casa Del Piloto to the bus stop, and busses to Toluca every 5-10 minutes. In Toluca transferred to a Valle de Bravo bus (platform #6) and then 2 hours later I was in Valle. Total cost of the trip: 78 pesos. Can’t beat that!

In town I heard it wasn't a good day for the female pilots...Anja and Kirsten went into the trees on the Mesa, and Ewa went into the lake while doing some SIV. Maybe it was good thing I wasn't flying today!

Jim Orava got his glider problem sorted out when the French team lent him a brand new Icepeak 3 to replace his XP (which was having line length issues). He says it’s a much faster machine than his previous glider. Brett is also enjoying his brand new Sky Eris 3. And Keith is on a Boom 6, also new. Me, I’m staying with my trusty old Magic 4 for this comp.

So the boys and myself will head up tomorrow for practice day #1, and Saturday is practice day #2 and also the opening ceremonies etc.

Check out Nicoles Blog at Valle ---->

Nicole Thanks for staying with us and fly safe and well in Valle ! - Brad