Monday, January 2, 2012

Tenancingo , 6 weeks flying in the center of Mexico

It has been an incredible 6 weeks flying out of the casa. The first two weeks, I had the company of Andy and 5 Polish pilots. We flew La Malinche for the first week in fairly strong conditions but limited XC potential. then things got better and Andy did some record breaking flights to Ixtapan and back and other triangles.

But what makes Tenancingo great is its central location. We did side trips to Ixtapan, to Iguala and three days in Valle De Bravo, all within a two hour drive or bus ride.

Later I had a chance also to fly a new site from Tasco from where one pilot flew back to Ixtapan.
Now with only two days left I hope to fly Malinalco again as I found it inredibly beautiful. I will have more detailed writeups on . Hope to see you here one day for some great flights.

The cumulus clouds really started building nicely by mid December and seems things are just getting better and better as far as the paragliding and longer higher flights. January and February look stellar !

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